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February 4: It is the refined appearance that makes luxe design so desirable. Discovering exactly what luxury interior design certainly varies based on personal preference. However, we at Deco-Arte focus on curating elements that deliver big on comfort, quality, detail, and sophistication. The right selection of finishing materials and refined decor helps to further enhance the composition. We focus on statement pieces to avoid overstuffing but with class. Luxury interior design style requires bringing out some glitz. Metal accents emphasize the room’s appeal and fit well with every style. Metals like Gold, silver, brass, or copper work great in combination with soft and full fabrics like velvet and silk. If you are looking to design a bold space, opt for dark colors and pair it with metal hues.

Amardeep Gulri (Founder & Principal Designer – Deco-Arte) believes that the space should enhance residents’ moods and induce joy but be functional and practical.

The beginning of 2022 can also attract prospective homeowners towards the idea of Luxe Minimalism. High-quality luxury furniture and décor pieces will make a statement in the interior. This face of minimalism will introduce natural materials like marble, wood, and brass. These materials help to create a sense of calmness in spaces. Even a beautifully crafted antique decor piece can never go out of style. Adorn the interiors of your home with such amazing pieces to give the space a luxurious look and feel.

We design bespoke interiors which truly reflects our client’s individual tastes and lifestyle. Commissioning an item of furniture made to a specific set of requirements regarding look, feel and finish is one of the secrets to high-end, luxury interior design.

Amardeep and his team at Deco-Arte meticulously pays attention to their clients‘ preferences – both in style and functionality. The result? A unique piece which will fit perfectly into the proposed interior design scheme, giving a luxurious and cohesive result.

Team at Deco-Arte also believes sustainability in design no longer means compromising on luxury, aesthetics or quality. By creating commercially available, handcrafted designs, they are forging a new future for design, a future where sustainable materials are synonymous with luxury design. While reclaimed wood, bamboo, cork, hemp and natural stone are some of the more obvious natural material choices; innovations in sustainable technology also include designer furniture made from organic and recycled materials, organic paints and wallpapers through to home accessories made from natural textiles and waste. Amardeep neatly summarizes ‘I truly believe sustainability should be synonymous with good design.’

From the table of Mr. Amardeep Gulri,

“The function of design is to let design function flawlessly”

In the trying times today when design needs empathy and understanding, it’s lost into the commercial process. Your home, your space is an integral part of you.  It is an introduction to who you are, your nature and your lifestyle. We at Deco-Arte work on the principle of empathy.

In the time that we spend designing the space, we spend enough time thinking about people who inhibit it.

Our design process is simple yet elaborate. It is to define – Ideate- Conceptualise – Implement- Cherish. Design is anything that makes anything useful, and our team focuses on making every space your dream space.”

Deco-Arte is a multi-disciplinary design and Interior architecture studio founded over a decade ago by Mr. Amardeep Gulri, providing services in the field of Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Interior Turnkey Projects, Furniture, Project Cost Consultancy offering bespoke solutions for residences, restaurants, offices, hotels, and retail showrooms. Ever since its inception the company has worked on over five hundred projects and turned client’s dream space into reality.

Many reputed organizations have honoured the work of Deco-Arte by Mr. Amardeep Gulri by bestowing him with awards like, “The 2021 Global Choice Awards”, “Lux Life-Delhi’s most outstanding multidisciplinary design studio”, “ELDROK India Architecture Awards”, Business Mint – “Most Prominent Interior Design Firm, Delhi NCR” etc..

For team Deco-Arte, designing is not just about turning a space attractive, rather our design philosophy speaks of a blend between practicality, aesthetics, ethics and zeal to make every space artistic. Design is irrelevant if it fails to function. We ensure special attention is paid to the functioning and the smallest of details.

At Deco-Arte, we have a fully integrated team of architects, interior designers, technicians and specialists who work to create solutions based on our client’s budget, scope, schedule and operating practices. Deco-Arte takes pride in saying that there is an eye for details while designing a project, from a facade design to the smallest of furniture.

The upcoming projects at Deco-Arte are a thrill ride and will surely catch eyes everywhere.