About News Wire India

What We Do

GENERATE PUBLICITY with India’s fastest most reliable News distribution service. News Wire India is the leader in News distribution services and online news distribution in India. It’s simple to get started. You write a release or an announcement about your organization –it may be for a new product launch, current promotions and offers, a local event – It could be anything. We distribute your news to every major media point and search engine on the web, position your news to journalists and also in front of your potential customers.

Why Us

News Wire India

Instant Visibility

Instant access to over 5,000+ media points and journalists across India

Exponential Reach

Get your news covered in print and online news, social and broadcast media

Cost effective

An extremely cost effective pay per use model of engaging with your potential customers

Multimedia Content

Connect with your audience through – videos, photos, infographics & sound bytes. Increase your views and engagement multifold

Guaranteed Exposure

Guaranteed Exposure to at least 50+ Networks

Speedy and Effective

Generate Publicity in just a few days!

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