Wed. Jun 7th, 2023

June 7: Established in 2020, Aly&Val is a Delhi-based clothing brand specializing in casual clothing.

In the era where fashion changes in the blink of the eye, it is hard for any brand to sustain. What makes this brand unique is its idea of reinventing the way of casual wear and providing youth with some out-of-the-box designs/prints.

The brainchild of Mr. Sakshat Kohli, a 28-year-old DJ turned entrepreneur, does not like to be loud in terms of design. The minimalistic approach for fashion gives this brand an opportunity to reach out to the youth and help them get daily wear options.

Aly&Val aims to provide the new generation with a quality product that lasts long and is available at an affordable price.

“In the overloaded world of fashion, it was a challenge to carve our own niche. However, with true intentions and right approach, we are here, to offer our best,” shares Mr. Sakshat.

Be it crop tops, joggers, hoodies, or t-shirts, this Delhi-based clothing brand has many options for designs and colours to choose from.

“Since our audience is youth, we believe in choices. No one wants to look at one piece of clothing and buy it. Everyone in today’s time likes options. That is why, we have different options in all our categories,” Mr. Sakshat adds.

Beginning with its website in the pandemic, Aly&Val widened its sales on different ecommerce platforms soon. After six months of its inception, it started selling its products through retail stores. The brand also provides its customers a customizable service in which they can create their style in low MOQ.

With the USP of quality fabric and minimalistic designs, Aly&Val claims to offer quality products at reasonable prices.

The brand was already well aware of the challenges that it would face because of starting its operations during the pandemic. Therefore, accordingly, to grow and survive during the pandemic, the brand judiciously used its finances and kept introducing one product after another based on the responses received by the consumers.

The biggest challenge for the brand’ right now is to bring Aly&Val to every consumer’s wardrobe and make the products better than the products of already established brands.

With a small team of fashion designers, a writer, photographer, graphic designers, the brand envisions to move forward with its retail shops and approach multi-brand retail stores across the country.

The customer base is mainly in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, and many other metro cities. However, with the expansion, the clothing brand wants to reach out to all the cities in India and make Aly&Val a household name for all things fashion. The target audience is people falling into the age group of 15 -30 years of age and specializes in products for both males and females.

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