Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

The G2H Awards, presented by KP Group and Co-powered by Ayaani Diamonds, honored individuals from the country who have achieved unique accomplishments.

The grand event of the G2H Awards ceremony was the partnership with Iconic Gold.

Surat (Gujarat) [India], July 10: The event, held in Surat by Iconic Gold, celebrated the G2H Awards ceremony, where individuals from the country who have achieved unique accomplishments in their duties or lives were honored. They have set an inspiring example before the nation and the world.

According to the information provided, the organizer of the G2H Awards, Piyush Jaiiswaal, announced that the awards ceremony was held at the Kretos Club in the evening. The event honored individuals who have achieved unique accomplishments, serving as exemplary figures for the nation and society. Among those honored were Encounter Specialist ACP Parveen Shahida from Jammu and Kashmir, Priya Mohit, Mahesh Savani, Nayaab Midha, Madhurima Tuli, Actor Faisal Malik, International Sufi Singer Bismil and many other celebrities. These are individuals who have achieved unique accomplishments in their lives and duties, setting a complete example for the country and society as a whole.

The organizer emphasized that the purpose behind this event was to honor individuals who, despite achieving something special in their lives every day, have been recognized with awards. These individuals are such that they serve as examples for society and the country, inspiring the younger generation with their personalities. For more and more people, especially the younger generation, to become knowledgeable about them and also to be inspired by what they have accomplished in life, this awards ceremony was organized.