Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

New Delhi [India], May 30: Trends suggest that startups are now more popular among investors than traditional investment options. They believe that investing in startups fuels factors such as innovation, economy, and workforce, which ultimately leads to the generation of wealth, unlike traditional options. Putting your savings in a Fixed deposit or in a bank account that hardly yields 3% interest and fails to cover even the inflation rate is not a wise choice!

But if you are assuming that simply putting your money in a startup and expecting higher returns is all you have to do, then you are slightly wrong here. Why? Because certain risks are involved when you invest in a startup. Firstly, the risk of the unknown as this business is not tried & tested. So, you don’t know if it will benefit you or not. Secondly, the risk of no market exit means you cannot be redeemed or withdrawn until there is a re-funding or stake sale. Like these, there are other several factors involved. You have to evaluate the opportunity very meticulously. In case you need help with this, then we have something for you.

The platform founded by IIM Ahmedabad alumnus “Bestvantage” helps such Smart investors. It helps investors make an informed decision by allowing transparency, safety, and access to complete information about investments in a startup.

Bestvantage Investments, a one-of-its-kind startup investment platform, has signed multi-talented Cyrus Broacha as its new brand ambassador. Cyrus Broacha is an Indian TV actor and comedian best known for his show Bakra on MTV and The Week That Wasn’t on CNN-News18. Cyrus will now work with Bestvantage Investments to spread information about startup investments. With India pushing towards a digital economy, the government is providing policy support to boost the rapid growth in the startup ecosystem. In this scenario, startup investment has emerged as a lucrative opportunity for both investors and startups. Leveraging its collaboration with Cyrus, Bestvantage envisions making Indian investors aware of the ins and outs of startup investing.

Here is what that makes the platform stand out from the crowd:

Startup verification: For credibility & authenticity, all startups on board, along with the founders, are rigorously verified by a third party. This step eliminates the chances of fraud & other similar issues.

Reliable information: The Company is the first in India to have a recording of founders pitching on the platform so that investors can understand proposals better. Investors can easily access all the pertinent information about the industry, business model, pitch deck, and founders on the site. More power to the investors!!

Accessibility: Its website is mobile optimized, and the Company has android and IOS apps that help investors access information at their fingertips. 

Credible founder: Bestvantage only has pedigree founders or folks with in-depth domain experience. After all, founders are the jockey on whom we bet.

Scalability: Bestvantage curates businesses with replicable models that can create long-term value for investor wealth.

Spike: Bestvantage looks for a bunch of parameters that specify that the startup is posited to be the next Unicorn. It may include investment by VCs, strong incubation, recognition by credible startup ecosystem, etc.

If you are unable to judge or are unable to diversify widely, then Bestvantage is for you. Here you will get the details and portfolios of startup companies. Bestvantage helps startups to grow simultaneously, providing benefits to the investors. It associates professional selection with the deal-by-deal approach of a business. So, be a smart investor and invest in startups from now on.