Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Red Cherry Entertainment celebrated its 1000th Event in Mumbai with the biggest Trailer launch of recent times.

Seen in this event were the who’s who of the Bollywood & Indian Television industry.

With more than 1500 people showing up for the Trailer launch, it was one of the most memorable & best trailer launches seen to date.

Red Cherry Entertainment LLP – A leading Artist, Event & Theatre Management Company based in Mumbai, India. They have been offering services in this Industry for more than 15 years.

While managing 15 plus top TV & Bollywood Artists, they have also successfully executed the biggest of events & theatre plays worldwide in more than 42 countries.

It also has its own one of a kind IP which is AMPL – Artist Management Premiere League. An event where Artists, Artist managers & people from the entertainment industry come together for a Cricket Tournament.

The face & mind behind this venture is a Mumbai based young entrepreneur Mr. Keyur Sheth. He is the managing director of Red Cherry Entertainment. With over 20 years of experience in the field of event and talent management, he has created a trustworthy and reputable name for himself.

Additionally, over the years, he has also branched out to various other fields and has started multiple successful ventures. Other than Red Cherry Entertainment, he owns an empire of 22 companies, to name a few; Kiyana’s wardrobe (Clothing Boutique), Kal Ka Socho (Insurance Company), and Restaurant on Wheel – Hijack 2.0.

Recently he has partnered with actress Munmun Dutta, where they have launched a chain of 12 restaurants of different cuisines in India, which is already a great success.

Keyur Sheth has been recognized & awarded with Dadasaheb Phalke award, Mumbai Achievers Award & many other recognitions for his dedication & hard work in this industry.

Regardless of all the commercial success, he is first a Philanthropist who never misses an opportunity to work for the welfare of society. During Covid 2021, he has endlessly worked for the welfare of the needy & tribals, for which he has been appreciated by the Governor of Maharashtra as a Covid Warrior for his social work.

Another remarkable initiative is ‘Bappa ka Maan, Aapka ka Samman’ a campaign where he appreciates & honors the work of Mumbai Police.

At this young age with this amount of passion, knowledge, empathy & grit, he is definitely a man to be inspired from.

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