Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

New Delhi [India], May 11:  Ministry of Communications, Government of India issued order for the Appointment of Dhruv Kapoor as a Member of the Telephone Advisory Committee for a two year term.

Dhruv Kapoor stated, “It is an honour for me to join the Government of India’s telecommunications department. Through my active participation, I will be working towards several telecommunications challenges and upliftment initiatives for the telecommunication department, particularly those in the interior regions, so that it will benefit the citizens of the country. Due to covid 19 pandemic, lockdown was imposed due to which schools were closed and students were studying online, Especially students from interior regions and villages faced problems of internet connectivity . As a member of TAC my first priority would be to make department of Telecommunications aware of providing access and proper connectivity in the interior regions and villages”.

Telephone Advisory committee (TAC) is a high-level indian Government body comprising of Members of Parliament (MPs) and prominent figures who are directly appointed by the Ministry of Communications, Government of India to handle telecommunications concerns in India.

Dhruv Kapoor is a Social Activist and the Chairman of the International Human Rights and Crime Control Council of India (NGO), Delhi State. He graduated from Delhi University with an honours degree in political science. He has also been the President of Student’s Union, University Of Delhi (Dyal Singh college).