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Entrepreneurs have a key role in determining the economy of nations’ futures. To commemorate this accomplishment, the winners of the Nationwide Awards Under 30 Rising Entrepreneurs – 2022 were honored

 New Delhi (India), February 16: Despite an ever-increasing competitive industry, the Grand Nationwide Awards Under 30 Rising Entrepreneurs – 2022 were familiar with recognizing and rewarding the remarkable effort and accomplishments achieved by the pioneers of the business environment. Entrepreneurs have a key role in determining the economy of nations’ futures.

Several industries, including real estate, education, healthcare, marketing, software, aviation, and media, got over 1000 nominations. Furthermore, they realize sustainability, social justice, and environmental responsibility through their social causes and support of good public efforts. Perhaps the most important contribution, or the underlying thread that goes through all of these contributions, is their inherent propensity to innovate, which guarantees that nations and economies expand quickly and efficiently.

Continuing the search, the Nationwide Awards Under 30 – RISING ENTREPRENEURS – 2022 look for the brightest stars among a diverse group of rising entrepreneurs, looking for those whose imagination, technology, responsibility, innovations, and solid initiative have helped them succeed in an increasingly difficult corporate environment.

Business Mint published a list of firms, agencies, non-profits, and government organizations run by corporate leaders whose groups and missions have resulted in success:


List of Nationwide Awards Under 30 Rising Entrepreneurs – 2022 Winners: 

  1. Shaktte Sachdev, Founder & CEO – TopPropMart – Proptech Category
  2. Aakshaye Bharganwr, Founder & CEO – TechEra Securities Pvt Ltd – Deep Technology Category
  3. Zeel.Ritu.Agarwal, Founder – Maatriz atelier – Fashion Label Category
  4. Chaitanya Kandoi, CEO & Founder – SuprFam Pvt Ltd – Adtech Category
  5. Ravi Teja Gurram, Founder & CEO – Kaashwi 4 Santity Private Limited – Strategic Marketing Category
  6. Yuvraj Harichandan, CEO & Founder – Archon Motors – Electric Mobility Solutions Category
  7. GNV Satyanarayana, Founder – Mrphenomenaldiaries – Travel Photographer Category
  8. Karthik Mangipudi, Founder & Managing Director – Great Orion LLC – Conglomerate Company Category
  9. Abdul Aleem, Founder – Craftera Design Studio – Interior Design Category
  10. PARTH JOSHI, Ceo & Director – SEERAJ INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD – Logistics Category
  11. Aarushi Dhingra, Director – BeLeefy – Healthy Food Category
  12. Rajat Rajan Singh, Lawyer & Editor In Chief – Law Trend (www.lawtrend.in) – Law & Legal Awareness Category
  13. Karan Ramesh Doshi, Founder – Medicine One Pvt Ltd – Medicine Delivery Category
  14. Racharla Manikanta, Founder – Coine.aiFintech Category
  15. Yax Sheth, CEO – YAKS Group – Blockchain Development Category
  16. Bharti Garg, Founder – The Elegant Decor Co. – Decor & Gifting Category
  17. Hemmali, Founder – Roohani Guidance – Astrologist & Numerology Category
  18. Ashwin Kumar Jain, Director – Keerthi Builder and Promoters Pvt Ltd – Real Estate Developers Category
  19. Hudson Hyde Philips, Founder & CEO – F A U C O N E ™ – Business Development & Branding Category
  20. Chirayu Somani, Founder & CEO – Rebounce Entertainment Pvt Ltd – Family Entertainment Center Category
  21. Mazhar Syed, Director – Asmita Group – Real Estate Category
  22. Govind Balakrishna Raju, Founder & CEO – 10Infinite Pvt Ltd – Drone Service Category
  23. Ravi Raj Desai, Managing Director – The Himalaya Group – Textile Category
  24. Aarushi, Co-Founder & Partner – Chambers of Jain and Kumar – Legal Firm Category
  25. Diya Gurnani, Director & Co-Founder – CHAI VAAI CAFE – Café Franchise Category
  26. Kumar Shubham, Founder – Mclinic healthtech India Pvt Ltd – Innovation in Healthcare
  27. Leesha Arya, Co-Founder & COO – JJ Tax – Tax Solutions Category
  28. Rohit Jain, Founder & CEO – Aagam-Watch, Learn, Apply – OTT for Education Category
  29. Ajay Tyouharia, Founder & CEO – Revolute Academy – Edtech Category
  30. Radhika Lakhotia, Founder – Kamlamrit – Snacking Solutions Category

Mr. Vinay Kanth Korapati, Founder of Business Mint, says, Entrepreneurship is critical to economic progress. In the process of industrialization and economic expansion, entrepreneurs act as catalysts. We are glad to state that all of the Rising Entrepreneurs are startup founders or Business Legends that propel the business and society forward with their ideas, improvements, and unwavering coarseness. The entrepreneur is responsible for establishing new businesses that stimulate the economy and the revitalization of existing businesses that make up the economic structure. You all exhibit true progress and administration in advancing Responsible Business. Thus we’d like to congratulate everyone on the shortlist, especially our winners of the Nationwide Awards Under 30 Rising Entrepreneurs – 2022.

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