Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

February 9: Born and brought up in Melbourne, Australia, Daniel Chidiac is one of the most famous writers onInstagram. He has more than 440k followers on his Instagram and has touched the lives of millions more through his writing. He has written the blockbuster bestsellers “@TheModernBreakUpBook” and “Who Says You Can’t? YOU DO”. “The Modern Break-Up” is a contemporary romance novel and has over 4,500 reviews on Amazon. Some fans are calling it “the most relatable novel they’ve ever read.” The book has also been translated into German through publisher Ullstein-Verlag and the Instagram page for book boasts over 500k followers. Daniel’s other book “Who says you can’t? YOU DO” which was first published in 2012, became a bestseller in eight different countries and later re-published by Penguin Random House.

Author, philanthropist, creator and Entrepreneur Daniel Chidiac has works spreading over Fiction, Philosophy, Self help, Success and Wellness. His first book “Awaken Your Mind, Open Your Heart – The Steps to Success, Wealth and Happiness” proved to be an amazing piece of work and gave him a dream start for his career.

Daniel Chidiac though prominently known for his books, has worked as a professional coach too.He has coached celebrity contestants on Dancing With The Stars, radio show hosts, international DJ’s, TV presenters and business leaders. He had also hosted a BBC Radio London segment.It was 2 hour long talk show in July 2020 featuring Daniel on the topic of relationships and heartbreak. Today his instagram is filled with posts that sync with love, relationships and heartbreak. His posts are one amongst the most shared posts on instagram.

When asked about future endeavours, Entrepreneur and Author Daniel says that – “There is still a long road ahead of me and you gotta keep moving. Not pursuing my visions is a sign of lifelessness and that is never an option. I am working on new projects which will be announced on my Instagram soon.” You can follow him on instagram or visit his website to keep up to date. Daniel’s advice for young writers is…”All the young authors out there should write what they feel deep in their heart. Express what they want to say, regardless of whether they think they’re writing is “correct” or not. There is always time to edit it later and focus on the business side. In the beginning, just write and share your work as honestly as you can.”