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January 31: For some people taking the law in their hands and giving themselves the liberty of delivering justice seems to be the most reasonable thing. However, they forget to realize that their acts simply breaks down the pre-defined system, and it is the common citizens who suffer the most due to the breakdown of the system!

“Writing anything to everything to live – living to write the story for the screen,” this is how Young Author Amarnath Jha is quintessentially described according to his Facebook and Twitter profiles! Author Amarnath Jhawas in an anonymous remote hamlet, Jhanjharpur in Bihar. Culturally and historically, this part of the world is called Mithila, and since childhood, Amarnath evolved around like a true ambassador of the rich Maithili culture.

After wrapping up his school education in Bihar, Amarnath went off to Delhi for his higher education – to the University of Delhi, to be precise. Along with academics, his unrelenting passion for literature and art got him to the propinquity of theatre legends like Habib Tanvir and UshaGanguly. They moulded young Amarnath like a steadfast artist who, in due course of time, evolved as a filmmaker. He specialized in film writing!

Thus began his life in Mumbai, erstwhile Bombay! He sharpened his cinematic skills over many years while working for different television channels and production houses. Presently, he is busy writing several scripts with some renowned filmmakers of the Indian film industry, and a couple of his new books are on the way – justifying his passion for telling stories.

Book’s Introduction: This remarkable novel, “deCODE RED: Inside Story of Maoist Operations”, very cleverly presents the readers with the tragic story of JEHANABAD JAILBREAK 2005 when the Maoists took over Jehanabad Jail and the entire city for the whole night, got over 250 prisoners released, and conducted JAN ADALAT (kangaroo court) on their enemies, sentencing them to death!

Further, the book also reveals the real-life saga of the senior-most Maoist leader Tridib alias Nischal alias numerous fake names and his journey, beginning from a passionate student of Physics in Presidency College Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) in 1967 to a veteran prisoner of Presidency jail in 1977 to Jehanabad Jailbreak, the mastermind in 2005.

Book Title: The title of this book, “deCODE RED: Inside Story of Maoist Operations”, is most certainly a catchy title, and this is something which makes the book even more interesting, as the title itself compels you as a reader to pick up this book for a read. You would feel the urge to go inside the chapters and try to understand the Author’s interpretation of the unpopular Naxalite attacks and the operations which our brave Security Forces put up in order to eliminate those Naxals and end their terror.

Well, Author Amarnath Jhahas completely succeeded in choosing a perfect Book Title for his incredible story, and her storyline truly justifies the book title too. Therefore, I must mention that it is a very apt title for a book, belonging to the category of ‘Crime Thriller’, and the Author had been extremely wise to go for this title.

Book Cover: Moreover, if we look towards the book Cover, then undoubtedly, one can say that the cover is indeed very spicy and portrays the roots of the Naxals. The Naxal flag on top of a gun, which is cropping from the top of the trees, is a scene to be noted. In addition, the flow of a thin layer of blood from the trees into the land depicts the bloodshed, which used to take place due to the terror activities of the Maoists in the eastern states of the nation!

Readers Connect: Well, Author Amarnath Jhahas very vividly painted the picture of the unpopular Jehanabad Jailbreak incident, which took place back in 2005. It was an era when the state of Bihar was often called ‘Jungle Raj’ in the national media, so for the people of Bihar and Jharkhand, this book is going to be a glimpse of recent history, which had witnessed 2 decades back.

Moreover, for the readers across the nation, this book, deCODE RED: Inside Story of Maoist Operations, is going to be a great learning experience, especially for the ones who are not much in touch with the national news. This book brings out some of the untold events, which even the national media could not cover while reporting the Naxalite incidents during that period of violence!

Verdict: A Book like“deCODE RED: Inside Story of Maoist Operations” is for sure a must-Readoneand deserves a chance. The way the author had penned down these marvellous and strong characters and highlighted their crucial roles in his stories is undoubtedly fabulous. You seriously do not get to read a book like this every day, these kinds of Novels hit the market only once in a while, and Author truly deserves appreciation for his hard work and out of the box thinking!

Moreover, if you are one of those readers who looks forward to reading a worthy “Crime Suspense” plot to read, then this book is probably the perfect fit for you. Author Amarnath Jha is a promising Author who is very honest with his writings, which can be felt in his spectacular stories. Readers across the nation will love this book since the book is successful in creating a thrill and making the readers turn pages to find out more about the story.