Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

New Delhi, January 15: Well, being an Author is kind of an awesome deal; however, it isn’t so rosy when you’re trying to make a name for yourself by just being an Author. Undoubtedly, it is much easier for a Page 3 Celeb, a Sportsperson, a famous Chef, or a Social Media Influencer, but definitely not for someone who isn’t already popular! Of course, there are exceptions but only a handful of them succeeds in creating a space for themselves by being just an Author.

So, if you’re someone who wants to give a fight and make a name for yourself, then we’re here to provide you a stage to value your efforts. We the team of “Criticspace Literary Awards” acknowledges all such talents and give the due to those Authors who would be willing to take some brave steps in their literary journey!

Our Jury Team has selected some of the ‘Most Deserving Indian Authors’ to recognise them with their prestigious award by reviewing and evaluating their writing skills. Mind you, these Authors are nothing less than the Best Authors of the nation. Their writing skills, plot development, incredible narration, storylines have already won the hearts of our jury members.

Criticspace Literary Awards is that wonderful initiative, which aims to recognise these generous Authors, who comes out strong through their will, dedication, and incredible efforts in order to achieve a place for themselves. Well, that’s the sign of the ‘True Achievers’ and they deserves to be recognised and bought into the limelight!

These Authors are – Swetha Amit – A Turbulent Mind – My Journey To Ironman 70.3, Aruna Joshi – The Subtle Art Of Dealing With People, Vishal Gupta – Learn To Win Arguments And Succeed, Parthita Dutta – The Boatman Beckons, Mukul Ranjan – Cold Cock, Bina Pillai – Under The Mango Tree, Bhuban Patra – Lotus Land, Dr. Amitava Ghosh – The Realm Of India’s Employment Law And The Indian Constitution & Gig Economy In India Rising, Rabindra Kumar Mohapatra – Mutual Funds, Abdul Ghaffar – Why – Reason For Every Action, Mayank Gaur – Which Life Are You From?, Swati Jha – Business Strategies Post Pandemic, Rakesh Chavda – Way To The Next Birth, Saiyid Safdar Abbas Zaidi – Failure Is A Knock On The Door Of Success, Abhaidev (Mayank Chandna) – The Influencer: Speed Must Have A Limit, Dr. Sujata Chatterjee – Flights Of Fantasy, Supriya Parulekar – Into The Woods, Monalisa Joshi – Demigods Are Alive, Swapan Kumar Nath – The Poetry Of Earth, Niraja Bandi – Sniffles And Smiles, Prof. Suvasish Mukhopadhyay – The Happiness Code, Jigyansa Mohanty – Staggered, Williamsji Maveli – Rainbows, Chetan Bansal – Meet The Real You, Rajat Khatri – 10 Keys To Attain Happiness, Meera J Pillai – Maya And The Sword Of Gringak, Ms. Meena Mishra – N0! I Don’t Love You!, Nidhi Agarwal – Women CFO Stories, Geetha Ranganathan – Be Your Own Torchligh, Prasanta Bhattacharya – Am I What I Want To Be, Shruti Kakkar – Emotions@Meditation, Mayurkumar Mukundbhai Solanki – Human Predicament: Critiquing Vikram Seth’s Novels, Reema Nakra – The Unstoppable Creative, Dr. Diwakar Pokhriyal – There’s A Poet In Everyone, Rohit Kumar – A Quest Of Souls, Richa Tilokani – The Teachings Of Bhagavad Gita, Priyanka Bhuyan – Duryodhans Queen, Aarav Sharma – Just Be: In Search Of A Better You, Arundhati Mukherjee – The Awakening, Naseha Sameen – Heir – Dawn Of Deception, Gurjeet Kour Ghuman – Deep Notion, Pratik Ravindra Khandagale – A Swipe To Bid Adieu, Lily Swarn – History On My Plate, Udit Kapoor – Stress To Happiness, Margesh Rai(Margdarshan) – Khushboo Bikherti Pagdandiyan, Varun Wadhwa – The Great Himalayan Treasure, Neelam Saxena Chandra – The Red Diary, Mayank Mahajan – Balan And Dheera – A Tale Of Kaliyuga, Rohit Verma Rimpu – Galtfahmi, Priyanka Das – Manly Enough?, Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha – Scents And Shadows, Anita Rajani – Shivshakti The Continous Continuum, Garima Singh – The Girl Of An Old Mansion, Dr. Sagareeka Roy Bhatia – Just Expressions, Shree – Daffodil – Blooming Beyond The Season, Amit Radha Krishna Nigam – Sixty Years From Now, Ravi Ranjan Goswami – The Asht Yogis, Dr. Paromita Mukherjee – Sylvan Fragrance, Nirmala Prabhu – The Lesser Known Triumphs, Dr. Ramesh Singh Pal – Spiritual Wisdom, Piyush Goel (Dadriwala) – Sochna To Padega Hi, Kriss Venugopal – Sweat Blood … And Quill, Vidya Gopinath – Voice-Bouquet Of Feelings, Anandavalli Chandran (Medhini) – Deafening Silence, Fardun Ali Middya – An Introductory Book Of Diraasat-Ul-Islam, Rajan V Kokkuri – The Invisible Love, Alok Parashar – Samvedna Se Samvaad, Sitharaam Jayakumar – Eighty Hours To Save Karen, A T Rajkumar – Mind It – Blanking The (Thinking) Worries, Dr. Radhika Subhanakar Mukherjee – Glittering Pearls, Arun Warikoo – A Beautiful Heart, Dr. PP Radhakrishana – Story of Ravikumar.