Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

January 3: Tea Break has become a renowned brand in the two emirates and plans on further expanding and establishing its presence in the other emirates as well. Tea Break’s tea comes from all over the world. Fine varieties of white, black, green and oolong tea imported from tea havens of the world: India, Sri Lanka, Japan and China. Now the brand Tea Break has tied up with ABUDHABI NATIONAL OIL COMPANY (ADNOC) to open outlets of Tea Break at major oil stations.

Various locations;

Tea+Burger – A new and unique Combination

Tea Break’s newly evolved menu imbibes a great combination of TEA + BURGER. Their special made sauces for Burgers and other food menus are really mouthwatering to the customers in Abu Dhabi already. Blended with great ambience and pleasant interiors, Tea Break is now not just a tea lover’s abode but also a great hangout spot for the young and old. Their menu offers a variety of sandwiches, steaks and burgers, as well as hot and cold beverages. All of the other ingredients as well as breads and buns, are produced fresh at their in-house bakery. Not Restricted to tea lovers, their menu is loaded with breakfast, brunch, delightful lunch and desserts.


Since Tea Break’s inception, Tea Break Cafe has been the choice of every community and age group in Dubai. The popularity of the brand soon multiplied to many busy corners of the UAE. Their success is merely the reward for passion and nobility that has come to us from our founders and well-wishers.

Their tea is a lot more than tea; they make it as healthy as possible. As they BAKE AND THEN COOK WHAT THEY BAKE. Their tea contains less caffeine and more dry fruits and flowers that could cleanse and support the system. For example, Zaffron tea is a specialty that comes with high-quality saffron that rebuilds the system and gives clients strength and beauty. Likewise, every dry fruit, flower and add-on susedha’s carefully selected health benefits. Tea served here is suitable for every man, woman and child- healthy, hygienic and overall in great taste. With continuous improvement through innovative practices was the culture embarked in the organization since its inception. The brand has a rigorous focus on quality and customer experience.

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