Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Anchor, Actress and Model Karishma’s beauty got highlighted in coffeetable book written by national and international poets

December 04: WORDS COME FROM MY SOUL; a Poetical Coffee Table Anthology is published by World Record Holder Authors & Compilers Mr. K. C. Sethi & Mrs. Sunita Sethi from Daman, India. I feel proud to be part of  Pictorial Poetry Anthology first time, wherein the theme and words of a poem are illustratively matched with the body language of subjects and objects involved in the picture.

56 poets, writers and eve models from all over the world have participated in this project of pictorial poetry & Art Coffee Table Anthology. Sixteen poets from overseas have shared their poems on the theme of  LOVE & LIFE. This International  Coffee Table Anthology consist of 104 pages,  52 illustrative pictures, Four Eve Models and 92 poems to compile visual art poetry compositions. Ms  Karishma Mani from Gujrat has participated as an Eve Model in our anthology along with the other three models. Their body language and art of fashion &  beauty have beautified our coffee table anthology.

Sethi Couple, the authors and compilers of this anthology, is the winner of Five Golden Book Of World Records, Three Asia Book of Records and Three India Books of Records in Literature and art so far. They are the originators of a new concept of poetry writing ie PICTORIAL POETRY OR VISUAL ART POETRY in the world during the 21st century. Their motive is to promote pictorial poetry, encourage poets, writers, models and artists of the world through their concept of publishing international anthologies on pictorial poetry or Visual Art Poetry and spread love, peace and humanity globally.