Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

Anubhuti Singh, Ankur Chaudhary, and Richa Mamgain Pant

“A Stronger present makes a Stronger future; A Healthier mind makes Healthier you.”

New Delhi [India], September 17: We are proud to announce that Sportyze, a Kids Gym Chain present in offline mode, is now available in digital mode as well. Its mobile applications will be available for download very soon. In this digital era, everything has come to our fingertips, which has reduced physical activities for all of us. But this is also impacting our future generation big time. Earlier kids used to play outside, which helped them gain immunity and strength and become applicative. Physical & Cognitive activities are very important for kids as it also helps in brain development. Keeping this in mind, “Sportyze”, a startup by Ankur Chaudhary, Anubhuti Singh, and Richa Mamgain Pant, figured the importance of physical and cognitive activities for kids and thought to design a systematic program which can create interest in kids to do physical activities.

With its AI-based assessments & Sportyze Talent reports, the startup helps kids and parents monitor their fitness parameters and give key insight to coaches. Furthermore, Sportyze pushes kids to achieve milestones that are skill-based and not time-bound. Each child gets badges and certificates upon completion, motivating them to achieve the next milestone and remain focused. Operated by Acenati Sportyze India Pvt. Ltd, Sportyze offers an interesting blend of state-of-the-art technology, contemporary gymnastics and creative fitness ideologies to introduce a healthy “Mind-Body-Soul” generation through several physical and recreational activities.

The CLICK and BRICK model

Engaging kids in activities is not an easy job, and it becomes tougher when you are dealing with a considerable age gap. With the new trends setting up through social media or digital media, creating a well-designed program for kids is always challenging as you need to think constantly from the age group perspective as well as from a parent’s perspective. It would help if you created such programs that will also convince the parent that this activity will add up to the physical and mental development of the kid. It is why we created this click and Brick model.

“We believe ‘healthier kids have happier parents’. Our unique online and offline offerings are carefully crafted to offer age-appropriate interventions from Toddlers to Teenagers. Research has proven that early on exposure to physical play paves the way for a confident and active child. Children active in play consistently perform better in academics too. Sportyze is committed to helping each child reach their TRUE potential.” says Ankur in an exclusive conversation with The StartupLab.

USP of Sportyze

Aiming to help grow kids into well-rounded, well-adjusted super kids, Sportyze offers a progressive framework, AI-based assessments, and data monitoring. Additionally, with a physical and digital presence, Sportyze caters to kids aged 18 months to 15 years.

“While the established players, outside India, focus on play-based learning and till 10 yrs of age group, programs at Sportyze cater to 18 months till 15 years. We have a separate framework for fundamental and skill-based programs. Our proven track of coaching trains children on competitive gymnastics, unlike our competitors, which focus on fun-based engagement,” Ankur says.

Present Situation and Future Plans Of Sportyze

Working with a team of 15 members, Sportyze has served over 5000 clients and has generated over Rs 3 cr in revenue. Till now, Sportyze has offered more than 2000 digital sessions and over 50000 hours of coaching. Sportyze has aggressive expansion plans, and the startup plans to have a Pan India presence with 64 centres. The startup also aims to cater to 1,50,000 kids through its digital footprints.