Sat. Jul 13th, 2024
  • There has been explosive growth in the online learning business and what truly separates one brand from another is their focus.
  • Fobet is committed to improving its processes each day to provide the best learning experience to its students and help them grow.

Noida, Aug 12: Fobet is an ISO 9001:2015 certified EdTech startup that is on the mission to provide the best quality educational courses on Psychology and other related domains to people of all ages across geographies by leveraging technology.

Fobet started with the online course on Counseling Psychology and soon launched new courses on subjects like Child Psychology, Graphology and Business Psychology. As per the information on their website, “we are committed to delivering high-quality education to our students and harmony of work to our teachers and staff. Fobet does not believe in rigid, and rule-bound work environments and we are all ears for new ideas.” Their vision is to build and support an environment of innovation and creativity to make the online learning model more responsive and efficient and extend the reach and accessibility of their courses to all strata of society.

“With our student-first approach we continually work on discovering ways to find creative solutions for the specific challenges that the students face and improve the overall learning experience of our students,” said Riya Upreti, Founder and CEO at Fobet. Riya is currently a final year Psychology student at Manav Rachna University and managing her studies along with this venture. For Fobet students, experience is mission-critical to them and they want to personalize the learning journey for their students.

“This workshop was like icing on the cake as I am a psychology student and was unaware of the details of counselling which will now help me. A big thank you to all the new friends I’ve made here because you can never have enough friends. Let’s stay in touch forever”, said Vasudha, who recently did a Counselling Psychology course from Fobet. Another student Diksha Narang, who attended Fobet’s Dream Analysis workshop found significant value in the workshop and said “Thank you for such an amazing workshop, enjoyed it a lot, it helped me in interpreting my dreams, learned so much in only 4 days. I am looking forward to more workshops like this.”

Within four months of its launch, Fobet has successfully trained more than 1000 students and delivered online training of more than 10,000 man-hours. Fobet is an open organization that is constantly looking for dynamic and experienced trainers who can contribute directly to the company’s mission, values, and student-focused culture.

Riya further added that “I’m thrilled that more and more students are learning about us and seeing the value in the programs that Fobet offers. The element of personal touch and deep engagement is the key to our success. We have allowed our teachers and counsellors to handhold the students all through their learning journey so that our students can make best out of our courses and gain the knowledge efficiently”.

Fobet is the promise of individualized attention and personal touch for every student. Their goal is to develop and nurture the largest community of learners in psychology and related domains to begin with. Fobet brand is wholly owned and controlled by Inbytes Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.

About Fobet

Fobet is an ISO 9001:2015 certified EdTech startup that is on the mission to reimagine and create an environment that provides the best quality educational courses on Psychology and other related domains to people of all ages.

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