Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Business Mint Awarded Meera Shakki Murugan founder of Biznoholic Management as Best Emerging Business Development Expert for creative and effective practices in the field of Business Development


Chennai (Tamil Nadu) [India], June 15: The Part and Pieces of each business Entrepreneur and their business is Biznoholic Management. The Biznoholic Management, for the individuals who are curious about it, basically creating development opportunities for your business. Within the actual business and between your business and other relevant organizations, growth opportunities can become growth hacking.

A Chennai-based startup Biznoholic Management aims to assist organizations by planning a correct Business Strategy for all customers and plays a crucial part in supporting and building up organizations & Startups.

Founded and developed by Meera Shakki Murugan, this business makeover, startup analyst, and consulting organization has one mission: to spark your ideas into innovation.

Meera is an entrepreneur who began her business while seeking after graduation. She has done Masters in International Business Management and Masters in Mass Communications and Journalism. Meera is a Business Development Expert with experience of over 12 years.

Meera’s enthusiasm towards her profession has helped many startups and young minds in Business Development and made lots of entrepreneurs. She has reached many Business Development programs and her way of life of planning business techniques, Public Relations to adopt the branding market has made huge accomplishment outputs. Meera’s BIZNOHOLIC MANAGEMENT helps in building up the organization with the required data and methodologies. They are experts in career development and planning strategic analysis. Her excellent and mannered method of approach makes you learn and customer handling methodologies.

Entrepreneurship by women, whenever is sped up to meet its full quality and amount, can create over 30 million women-owned startups. It can change entrepreneurship in the country with 150-170 million new job openings, which is in more than 25% of the job openings needed for the whole working age populace, from this point until 2030, as indicated by the research. That is one reason why our country needs more participation by women.

The startup focuses on collaboration and commitment, which they accept “is the best approach to learn”. The founders give a high need for action-based adapting rather than theoretical perspectives. While the first part of their three-step process is on the most proficient method to make a business content, the next two steps are practical – making their customers pitch to them, followed by a client.

Taking all things together, Meera says people appreciate her for being a compassionate listener and would regularly move toward her for advice. It was then she realized that she was capable of assisting people with options beyond the obvious and proceeded to find out additional learning, aggregating over long years of experience with the development and growth space.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t simple: it’s a 24X7 responsibility that blurs the lines between individual and professional lives. Entrepreneurs impact us from various perspectives. They make services and products we use, grow and develop business, uphold the economic vibrancy of worldwide business sectors make occupations, and stimulate innovations with no limits. 

Being an Entrepreneur she is also a social activist who runs an NGO called Aramsei Barathi. Aramsei Barathi helps in supporting women’s empowerment and career opportunities for young calibers. Meera is a passionate Entrepreneur who is out on a mission to impact the world to advance her dreams. She asserts that she is just finding techniques to propel her dreams. Meera is enthusiastic about inspiring, planning strategic tactics for startups and loss-making companies to accomplish something extraordinary and companies to transform with the future.

A report by Bain and Company and Google in February 2020 uncovered that startups by women can help advance the reason for the financial incorporation of women in India. The report says that 13.5 to 15.7 million startups by women make up 20% of all organizations in the country, an ascent from 14% to the current 20% throughout the last decade.

According to Meera, Your product or service should have the option to tackle the trouble spots in the market that it wishes to serve. This part of being an entrepreneur in business development is grossly misjudged and underrepresented. Also, you should have the option to comprehend what people like, how they would want to see something done, and how to bring across how your product is unique and better than something different your potential client has seen.

It takes out to start any journey, a long and difficult one in the case of a Startup. One of the most common things among effective entrepreneur and their organizations is the hard work, confidence in their vision, and tremendous exploration work involved.

Saluting this hard work of Meera, Business Mint Nationwide Awards nominated her for Best Emerging Business Development Expert – 2021, Chennai. Meera successfully bagged this position because of her innovative, strategic, and effective business practices. Leading a business to success can be a tough challenge, and as such, she is keen to showcase the commitment, expertise, and sheer hard work her.