Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Jaipur (Rajasthan) [India], May 13: Our story at Live-linen revolves around comfortability and quality. We wanted to add value to society and touch the world at large. As a team of stylists and fashion designers, we wanted to contribute using our expertise and passion — using what we love doing as an avenue to add and contribute positively to the world around us.

In our research into the history, we came across a series of concepts, but cloth and household fabric production hit us as an ideal and brilliant idea — our way of doing something unique.

So we made linen our base material. For over 10,000 years dating as far as the ancient city of Mesopotamia and popular Egypt, we spotted the highly-priced and revered Linen fabric.

Our journey into history paid off, we discovered a gem — we unearthed a fabric of quality and comfort. Since our principal material has met our principle of quality and comfort,  we delved into the world of linen, making an assortment of designs that includes dresses, table linen, and linen beddings, and fabrics for kitchen use( apron, potholder, table cloth, napkin, and curtains)Our production is large, including home decor material and conventional women’s wears.

On this Executive Officer, Mr. Nimit Singhi says  ” double quality ”.Double quality is where our quality linen material meets quality production. We pay attention to details in making contemporary designs of clothing, home decor, and linen bedding, and kitchen table clothing, and aprons. Each piece is 100% linen made by passionate designers giving the very best not just to keep the reputation of the brand but especially to ensure every purchase is top-notch, long-lasting, and satisfying.

We’ve come to reinvent the past in the present and keep the culture of linen alive. We strongly believe the comfort it offers should not go extinct — its value should be savored and become a part of our lives.

So to every corner of the earth, our linen products are delivered in excellent condition. You can have a unique design in mind and we’ll bring it alive by following the details of your description — we give exactly what you want. We bring your imagination to reality.

  • So we say shop with us today to enjoy blissful sleep in the comfort of our 100% and well-processed linen bedding.
  • We say shop with us to beautify the interior of your home — your pieces of furniture, and the kitchen area.
  • And most importantly, we say shop with us to own your style with our collection of linen clothing of timeless designs.

We started with a small store on Etsy Marketplace and now we have our online store ( in the future we look to tap some larger marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. We aim to become a household name in India as well as the rest of the world. Along with that we also have some collaborations planned in the future with influencers who believe in our vision and ready to support us in our mission.

We have a wide range of linen offerings, such as linen clothing, linen home décor, linen kitchen, linen bedding and more. Our best sellers are our elegantly designed clothing collection. We believe each style represents a new you.  Along with this traditional collection, we also offer custom sizing for all the products so you can get what you want. Since selling online gifts has become a significant part of business hence we created a special personalized collection for people who like to gift or who love to buy something which is really made for them and unique.

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