Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

New Delhi [India]: Social Media and controversies are synonymous, isn’t it? Well, most of the time it is! While you have umpteen chances of increasing your adherents, you may likewise be a victim of trolls too. Recently, Wecript ( the first Made In India private search engine) was criticized for supporting the “Made In India” concept and promoting “Atma Nirbhar Bharat” The company believes in walking the talk and promises to make India a data secured country, after all, we all desire to be labeled as a developed country and just not a developing country.

Recently, founder The Karn and his product Wecript have been featured by a leading media house and the link was shared widely on social media platforms. Unfortunately, many people started questioning and commenting on their vision of Make in India and plan to make India a developed country. The link had to be deleted by the respective media house under pressure. This drew the attention of the common man, leaders, and social media influencers who later extended their support in favour of the Karn and Wecript. The media house soon realized their mistake and the news was republished in no time.

The Karn, the founder of a billion-dollar Indian tech startup believes in promoting data privacy and providing a secure searching experience to Internet users. With the current search engines, the users are always at a risk of data leakage. Fill a form and your information is sold to multiple companies for millions of dollars. Search for a product and you’ll be bombarded with multiple ads relevant to your search. Just a blink and your privacy is no longer yours. This is a threat to the mere word democracy, isn’t it?

This triggered Skarn Robotics to offer a safe and secure browsing platform to the users that value their emotions and safeguard them forever.

Wecript is the first Made in India private search engine that lets you browse without compromising your privacy. It has the best state-of-the-art technology that makes the web safer for internet users. The Wecript search engine runs on its inherent program with extraordinary highlights like private download manager, clean design, app lock, reader mode, etc. The in-built Wecript browser prevents data tracking and data leakage, thereby securing personal information.

The Karn through Wecript takes the responsibility of securing your data privacy. He believes that technology is a boon and must be used for the betterment of Mankind. Unfortunately, most search engines misuse personal information for their gain. Thanks to Skarn Robotics that took the data leakage seriously and launched Wecript!

The recent support from celebrities, politicians, and the change-makers towards Wecript is beyond words. It has not only helped in bringing the right change in the society but would also encourage other entrepreneurs to come forward and launch products/services for the real ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat;’

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see”. Let us all strive for excellence and believe in the power of a safe and secured Internet world.

Here’s your way – https://wecript.org/