Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

New Delhi [India] :  Today, the Internet is ruled by Digital Marketing, and businesses are competing against each other to secure the top position. If you have your business online, you must be aware of the significance of Digital Marketing. To make your brand stand out, you need to catch the attention of your target audience in just a few milliseconds.

Vandana Saxena is one such figure who has been helping businesses rank on the first page of Google. She is a brilliant content creator and creates content that is search engine optimized for blogs, websites, etc.

Vandana is presently working as a freelance content creator and soft skills trainer. She is also a specialist in Digital Content and serves numerous reputed Institutes and clients.

Life was never easy for Vandana. She has struggled right since childhood, and has managed to overcome all the hardships that life threw at her. She has managed to make way for herself and live the life that she has always dreamt of.

Vandana was born and brought up in a middle-class family in Delhi. Life was hard for her from a young age. She used to suffer from domestic violence at an early age, and she was not. was not a happy child. It was at the age of seven that she realized her life was not a fairytale.

Before marriage, she was never allowed to make a choice since her parents were conservative, and they never valued freedom of choice for a girl. She grew up to believe that good girls never said no to anything. Vandana was always a good daughter and led a life on the terms of her parents.  It was more out of fear than choice.

She studied HR because her parents had decided that it was the best stream for her. At the age of 22, she was married, and after five years of marriage, she gave birth to her daughter. Throughout her life, she always followed instructions and lived a cliché life of a mediocre woman.

Vandana was a wonderful writer and had a great passion for writing. She wrote some amazing stories when she was young. However, she was not able to make a career in writing – since her parents and other responsibilities suppressed her passion to write.

It was after the age of 40, she rediscovered her passion for writing and wrote an article on The Women’s Day 2018.   It was one of the days when she had a lot to say, but there was no one to listen to her. This is how her first article was posted on a leading women-oriented platform of guest blogging. The blog gained huge popularity very soon, and her skills were critically acclaimed after her blog was featured as the Editor’s Choice.

Vandana is a Management Graduate in HR, and a Diploma holder in Business Communications and Office Management from New Delhi, YMCA. She has also acquired a certificate in Digital Content Writing and Digital Marketing from Henry Harvin Education.

She broke all barriers that she was bound to since childhood.  It was after the age of 40, she enrolled herself for a Content Writing and Digital Marketing course, only to reinvent herself. Her articles went viral soon after and gained popularity on social media. She participated in several writing competitions and won them too.

Vandana’s Pen is her blog that was launched to showcase her writing talent. Eventually, she started helping other women to grow their businesses through Digital Marketing Services and Content Writing workshops. She has won numerous awards for her writing skills and has also won 40 over 40 awards from She The People TV. She has embraced all her imperfections, and she keeps heading towards perfection.

She was also nominated under the category of Outstanding Women – 2020, Digital Content Specialist Category by Business Mint. The jury was impressed with her hard work and determination  to achieve her goals. She was presented with the Outstanding Women Award of 2020. Hard Work paid off for Vandana, and she proved that despite numerous restrictions, nothing could stop her from achieving success in the field she was passionate about.