Fri. May 24th, 2024

‘Small efforts make the biggest impact.’

This has been proved true by Ms. Seema Singh, the founder of Meghashrey NGO.

Mumbai, Maharashtra [India] : Mumbai based, Seema Singh launched her NGO ‘Meghashrey,’ with an aim to work towards the betterment of underprivileged children and feed the hungry in India. The NGO ‘Meghashrey’ is named after her two kids, Meghna and Shrey, who also actively help and support their mother in her various social activities and events.

Seema always desired to bring about a positive change in the lives of people and make the world a better place to live in! With such a noble goal in life, she started various social initiatives 15 years ago. There’s a popular saying, ‘Charity begins at home,’ and indeed Seema did just that. Says Seema, ‘I  started by funding my driver’s son’s education for his better future. And today he’s a CA and taking good care of his family.’ This was a small but significant step towards the change Seema wanted to bring in the society.

Seema has instilled the same values in both her kids. From a young age, both the kids have been involved with their mother in various social activities. When her daughter Meghna was 8 years old, Seema dressed her up as Santa and took her to Orphanage to celebrate Christmas. After this incident, her daughter was eager to do such activities again. While her son at the tender age of 14 used all his birthday funds to buy essential items for 150 workers. Today, both the children are active members of the NGO.

During the crucial situation of lockdown also, Seema and her team through their NGO ‘Meghashrey’ have made an important contribution towards the society, while following all safety protocols. She ordered sanitization kits & collaborated with a kitchen service to distribute essential items and food packets amongst frontline workers, policemen and sweepers. Her children too joined in her campaign and together they went from Juhu to Marine Drive, distributing essential items amongst 400 workers. Seema further says, ‘We’ve been doing this activity for 2 months every weekend & have received an overwhelming response for the same. This is just a small contribution from our end to the frontline workers who tirelessly and selflessly  serve our society. This is a way of expressing our heartfelt gratitude for their dedication.’

This is not all. Through their organization ‘Meghashrey,’ Seema provides free health check – ups to the elderly in her society. Meghna being a doctor attends to the elderly, while Seema arranges for their food & medicines. Every winter, the organization, Meghashrey runs Blanket Donation Campaign, where they provide high-quality warm blankets along with dry ration to the underprivileged living in the open on the streets. During the first week of December, Seema and her team tried their best to reach out to poor people across Mumbai and donated blankets to the needy.

Recently Seema organised pre-Christmas celebrations with the underprivileged kids in the society, bringing love, happiness and joy in the lives of these children.  Few days ago, Meghashrey  held a ‘Special Winter Food Distribution’ drive for the needy people in the slum parts of Mumbai. This aim of this campaign was to help the people who have been suffering most in the winter and Covid scenario. Their food drive helped 100+ families to get nutrition and healthy food when they need it the most.